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Cookie's Story

Posted by Abby Crimm

Cookie was unusually lethargic and not eating, but no one knew what was wrong. Luckily, a Viticus Group team member found the cause of the problem. 

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Meet Cookie, the instantly lovable 4-year-old pup who bit off more than she could chew—literally.

Cookie's Mysterious Problem

When she became lethargic and stopped eating, Cookie's owners took her to a couple different veterinary practices in the area. They were told that Cookie just needed fluids, and she was diagnosed with pancreatitis. After 4 days of treatment, Cookie's health continued to decline. That's when her owner reached out to an old high school friend who happened to be Viticus Group's veterinary technician manager, Jessica Grantham, LVT. 

Jessica brought Cookie to the Viticus Center and teamed up with Chief Veterinary Medical Officer Dr. Tony Pease, who is a board-certified radiologist. During an abdominal ultrasound, they discovered a foreign body in Cookie's small intestine that the other hospitals had missed in their radiographs. 


This meant emergency surgery. Jessica immediately reached out to Dr. Olsen from the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) who was able to perform the surgery that same day. Jessica scrubbed in to assist in the surgery, and they successfully removed the dog toy that Cookie had swallowed!


Jessica brought Cookie home with her to continue treatments and recover. Cookie went home the next day and according to Jessica, "looked so much better just a few hours later." Cookie has recovered well, and hopefully has learned that toys are more fun when chewed rather than swallowed whole. 


Why We Do What We Do: Higher Standards of Care

Jessica and the veterinary team at Viticus Group definitely deserve kudos for finding the blockage that others weren't able to spot and then taking extra steps to deliver personalized care.

This is a perfect example of what we mean by our mission: to enhance the lives of animals and humans worldwide. At Viticus Group, we see first hand the difference that staying current in your professional skills can make. Imagine how many animal lives could be saved or quality of life improved just by brushing up on our imaging and diagnostic skills?

That's why we're committed to providing the best continuing education possible for veterinary professionals—so more stories end like Cookie's did.

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