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Hands-on Soft-Tissue Surgery & Ultrasound Labs

Posted by Abby Crimm

Despite all the challenges facing hands-on medical training in 2020, WVC Academy at the Viticus Center looks forward to hosting soft tissue surgery and abdominal ultrasound courses.

When you invest in a veterinary CE course, you want that course to give you practical experience and new knowledge that you can immediately apply when you get home. The best way to boost your expertise and surgical skills is through hands-on practice, which is exactly what you get during a soft-tissue surgery or ultrasound course at the Viticus Center.

"This course gave me more confidence to do a procedure we already do in our clinic. It's nice that all course info & videos will be available online along with course notes, too!"  - Course Participant

Helpful Instructors

There’s no substitute for one-on-one guidance from an expert. In the advanced soft-tissue surgery course, Dr. Ameet Singh, Dr. William Culp, and Dr. Jim Perry walk you through cystopexy, cystotomy, urethrostomy, vulvoplasty, gastrotomy, gastropexy, enterotomy, and many more procedures to improve performance.

"The instructors were incredibly helpful, with tips and tricks they've learned over time to help avoid mistakes."  - Course Participant

In Advanced Ultrasound, Dr. Marie Evola and Dr. Chelsea Kunst helps you bring your ultrasound skills to the next level. Not only do they focus on difficult abdominal diagnosis, but ocular ultrasound and ultrasound of the neck and thyroid gland. 

"This was a well-taught course. The concepts behind the procedures were presented in a very practical way that made it easy to understand. The lab experience was incredible."  - Course Participant


Gain Confidence in Your Technique

The No. 1 reason to invest in a hands-on surgery or ultrasound course is to make these procedure safer and more effective for your patients. Cultivated technique requires lots of practice with life-like materials in practical, clinical situations.

That’s why course participants practice repeatedly during the 3-day course, constantly being guided and evaluated to improve performance. With this advanced instruction and experience, you'll feel confident in performing these skills, diagnosing earlier, and helping improve the quality of life for your patients. 

“There were enough cadavers to really start to develop my technique. Excellent!” - Course Participant

"This was a wonderful experience. The practical nature of this course made it well worth the time and money. Thank you for providing such a quality opportunity for continuing education." - Course Participant



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