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Cytology: Free Virtual CE in Veterinary Dermatology

Cytology: Free Virtual CE in Veterinary Dermatology

As you know, improving diagnostic skills is important to improving patient outcomes. This upcoming cytology course helps you save time and increase accuracy in diagnosing dermatology conditions and setting patients up for success.

A patient comes into your clinic showing these lesions. Do you know what is causing these lesions? Do you know what a cytology would show you?

lesion example_cytology course

If you're unsure, this upcoming cytology course sponsored by Zoetis Petcare is the FREE virtual event for you. Even if you do know the answers (found at the bottom of this post), this course will elevate your ability to identify, collect samples and cultures, and interpret results for a variety of dermatology cases. 

Cytology in Dermatology Takeaways & Agenda

Some key takeaways from this cytology course will be:

  1. Dermatology diagnostics are easy to perform and is both time and cost effective.
  2. Multiple techniques are available to get the best sample for parasites and infections.
  3. Lesion recognition can help you maximize your ability to collect the right sample.


During this course, instructors will give you the tools you need to effectively recognize variations of lesions and collect the best samples. Dive into our live virtual lab where you’ll interact with the experts to cover the following areas:

  • Basics of microscopy
  • Lesion identification
  • Sample collection, preparation & interpretation
  • Skin biopsy
  • Culture collection & interpretation
  • Case examples

Why Virtual Cytology CE Is Worth Attending

At Viticus Group, we'll never stop advocating the benefits of hands-on, in-person training. But when that's not possible, virtual events have their pros as well. As virtual CE becomes more necessary, we all enjoy the advantages of attending these events:

  • Accessibility – Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts in dermatology while never leaving the comfort of your home or workspace. You can view the demonstrations and presentations directly on your device. Online events attracts a larger, more diverse audience, which contributes to the experience.
  • Cost Saving – Online events eliminate travel costs, hotel accommodations, food expenses, etc. This particular virtual CE course is FREE, saving you lots of time and money!
  • Alternative Learning – The learning options during online events is almost limitless—live demos from the laboratory, workshops, interactive sessions, and group discussions that couple nicely with different speaker presentations. You leave the event with new knowledge and skill set just as you do with in-person events.
  • Networking – During this time of social distancing, you do not want to skip out on network opportunities that virtual events make possible. Compared to in-person events, there is no time crunch to meet everyone you’d like to running between sessions, and it’s easier to collect information from the people you meet online.
  • Self-Investment – You don’t have to be at a large conference to achieve self-growth (although large conferences are great, too). Online access to events lets you invest in yourself without breaking out your business attire or breaking the bank. Get inspired by others and revive your motivation by feeding off the energy of your peers that can transfer even through the camera!

And the Answer Is . . .

If you were wondering, a staphylococcal infection (or pyoderma) caused the lesions shown in the first image. A cytology would show you cocci and maybe neutrophils. Did you get it right?

In any case, see you at the virtual lab!


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