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A Guide to Choosing the Right Medical Event Facility

A Guide to Choosing the Right Medical Event Facility

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned veteran in the event planning industry, organizing a medical event is no simple task. There are various moving parts to think about to ensure everything is set for the event to run smoothly and efficiently.

Location and Accessibility 

A prime location is the key to a convenient venue. Is the facility close to an airport? Is there easy access to freeways and highways? Is it located in the center of a city, near hotels and lodging, or is it nestled in a rural area? Remember, a location with good transportation links, including rideshare options, and nearby accommodations ensures that guests can reach the event without logistical challenges.

Space to Accommodate All Your Needs

Another element to factor in is the amount of space you’ll need. The venue's capacity should align with the anticipated number of attendees. Other elements to take into consideration include the number of keynote speakers and stages necessary to supplement them, or the possibility of an exhibit hall for booths and activations. The right facility size not only accommodates the number of participants effectively but also allows for seamless navigation.


Viticus Group - Eastern Education Center

How many people are expected to attend? What’s the average number of last minute or same day registrations? Is on-site storage for equipment needed? How much space is required for food and beverage needs? For tables and chairs? These are all questions to think about during your planning process.

Catering to a group of 30 people is vastly different to an event space expected to house 3,000 guests. An overly spacious venue may lead to a sense of dispersion and reduced engagement, while an undersized facility can result in cramped conditions that hinder the flow of discussions.

Careful consideration of facility size assures that the chosen space has the perfect balance of comfort and facilitates meaningful interactions between your participants.

Privacy and Safety

Medical meetings are held for the purpose of exchanging innovative ideas that serve as contributions to the bustling healthcare industry. Many meetings include updates on surgical techniques, hands-on cadaver labs, and showcasing brand new technology unavailable to the public. Topics frequently shared contain highly sensitive information, so a random hotel guest wandering into a research and development lab would be a medical event planner’s worst nightmare.

To ensure the upmost security of your event, it’s critical to choose a venue that values privacy as a priority. Green flag venues are those who operate with staff frequently required to monitor entrances and exits. Reception areas staffed with Event Service Representatives are also essential to running a successful event. Additionally, features like secure meeting rooms and digital registration processes are crucial for maintaining confidentiality and compliance with healthcare regulations.

Having these aspects covered will give you peace of mind for the day your medical meeting finally arrives.


The ambiance of an event space plays a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere and overall success of your gathering. First impressions are important to take into consideration. When someone first steps into your event, what feelings are instantly evoked? Is the facility high-tech? Clean? Elevated? In the context of medical meetings, where collaboration is prevalent, a calm yet modern setting can serve as a healthy environment for discussion.

Another aspect to consider is branding opportunities that will represent your company in a professional manner. Are there optimal choices to place your logo throughout the building in high traffic areas? Creating curated experiences tailored to your organization’s brand will separate you from your competitors.

A thoughtfully chosen ambiance not only reflects the professionalism of the event but also sets the tone for memorable interactions.

perfect rooftop twitter

Viticus Group - Eastern Education Center: Rooftop


Choosing an appropriate venue for medical meetings involves selecting the right amenities to ensure a conducive environment. The significance of amenities should never be downplayed because they have a direct impact on the overall experience of attendees.

Transportation services, in-house food and beverage packages, and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment are all fundamental amenities that contribute to the success of the overall experience. Additionally, the availability of comfortable seating, well-equipped breakout areas, and reliable Wi-Fi connection can enhance productivity on all levels.


By meticulously considering all these aspects, you can secure a venue that not only meets practical requirements but also amplifies the overall experience for your participants.


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