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Viticus Group Becomes ACCME-Accredited CME Provider

Viticus Group Becomes ACCME-Accredited CME Provider

Introducing Viticus Academy CME, coming June 2021!

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Accredited CME Provider

After over 10 years of hosting bioskills labs as a nationally sought-after medical event partner, Viticus Group is happy to announce receiving accreditation from the ACCME. Viticus Group can now provide self-generated 

CME courses to meet the continuing education needs of physicians and surgeons everywhere. We are now 1 of 6 accredited CME providers in Nevada and 1 of 5 in the Las Vegas area.  

With this exciting news, Viticus Group plans to begin offering courses through its Viticus Academy CME education program in June 2021. Viticus Group also offers joint providership opportunities to nonaccredited organization. 


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Inside Scoop: Aubrey Arreola, COO

"We're very excited to provide clinical, practical CME to the physicians coming to the Viticus Center," says Chief Operating Officer Aubrey Arreola.

Arreola describes the steps of the 2-year process of becoming an accredited organization:

  • Develop the internal team that would build and administer the program
  • Develop CME policies & procedures manual and other forms for implementation
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate 2 activities (done online in 2019)
  • Submit pre-application to ACCME
  • After the 2 activities, create a self-study report and other activity files
  • ACCME interview regarding processes, procedures, and activities

When asked what makes Viticus Group's CME programming unique, she referenced the organization's ability to offer not only lecture-based courses but hands-on training. The two dedicated facilities offer physicians the hands-on training with a hospitality component that is unmatched. "From hotel rooms and catering, to transportation and concierge services, we handle all the details to make their experience smooth and seamless."

"Receiving accreditation has been years in the making, and our team has worked hard to make it a reality. We're that much more capable of furthering our mission to enhance lives worldwide through high-quality continuing education for healthcare professionals." - Aubrey Arreola


See the official press release here, or visit for more FAQs.


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