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COVID-19: What Do We Know Right Now?

Posted by Dr. Natalie Marks

What we know may be very little, but it will affect our decisions moving forward in the veterinary community.

Right Now. That’s the key to the headline of this article. How do we take what we know right now and use it to help us keep practicing the best medicine we can while keeping our clients, patients, and team members healthy?

Dr. J. Scott Weese is an infectious disease specialist and the curator of the Worms and Germs blog ( The insights he shared during our COVID-19 Veterinary Summit made clear that there is much that we just don’t know yet.

The biggest question still surrounds the two dogs that have tested positive in Hong Kong.  Here’s what we know. Two dogs have tested positive for Corona in Hong Kong. The first dog was released from quarantine after showing no signs of illness and producing negative results on subsequent tests. But, two days after being release from quarantine, that dog died. It was a 17- year-old Pomeranian with other medical issues and, unfortunately, the owner was allowed to decline a necropsy. We are left without definitive answers.

The second dog that has tested positive was a German shepherd who was living with an owner who had tested positive for COVID-19. The dog is in quarantine with another dog from the same home, a 4- year-old mixed breed. As of today, the housemate dog has not tested positive.

This means we have a lot of unanswered questions, and our biggest concern is we could soon have a lot of very worried clients. Can we give COVID-19 to our dogs? Can they give it to us?  Can they be fomites and pass the disease around?

Watch our interview with Dr. J. Scott Weese as he tackles these questions and brings cats into the discussion.

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