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2022 Dr. Jack Walther Recent Graduate Boot Camp Scholarship Recipients

Posted by Abby Crimm

Meet the incredibly deserving winners of the Dr. Jack Walther Recent Graduate Boot Camp Scholarship, who will be coming to the Viticus Center for a free hands-on learning experience.

The Jack Walther Recent Graduate Boot Camp is an interactive three-day course for veterinarians who are 0 to 5 years out of school, featuring topics in feline medicine, dermatology, general surgery, and dentistry. This program is in its second year, welcoming its second group of recent graduates.

Viticus Group and Thrive Pet Healthcare are sponsoring registration, lodging, food, and on-site transportation for each participant. This event is also made possible by an education grant from Zoetis. We are excited for these recent graduates to gain more confidence in patient care!

This year’s winners are:

Dr. Alyssa Goehri

Dr. Angela Sharma

Dr. Bryan Clifford

Dr. Caitlin Conner

Dr. Dene Vann

Dr. Emily Ragusa

Dr. Erica Addante

Dr. Nasya Ali

Dr. Jillian Rankin

Dr. Kat Neupauer

Dr. Mahima Gulati

Dr. Meg Radford

Dr. Megan Goldman

Dr. Michael Derling

Dr. Nichole Pattern

Dr. Oleg Khomutets

Dr. Regan Franko

Dr. Sara Toner

Dr. Sharon Yue

Dr. William Garrison

Dr. Hunter Goldsmith

Dr. Sarah Haddy

Dr. Krista Wilkerson

Dr. Chandler Mercer





Congratulations to the 2022 Dr. Jack Walther Recent Graduate Boot Camp Scholarship recipients.